Literary Translation

Full Length Translations

Li Kotomi
Solo Dance


Lee Yongduk
Before You Kill Me with a Bamboo Spear (sample translation underway)

Hanmura Ryо̄
The Sparrows’ Valley (雀谷)

Miyashita Natsu
A Forest of Steel and Wool (鋼と羊の森) Excerpt

Oyamada Hiroko
No Weasels (いたちなく) Excerpt

Shimaki Kensaku
The Blind Man (盲目) Excerpt

Other Translations

Please inquire for full manga, light novel, and video game portfolio.

Indie Video Games
The Lost Sky (Developed by Yasuda Games)


Two Seasons in Norwich – Walking Norwich Piece for the National Centre for Writing
Japanese Writing: The 80-Year Battle for “Genbun Itchi” – Unseen Japan
Beyond Noodles: A Guide to the Different Types of Restaurants in Japan – Unseen Japan
And more at Unseen Japan
Tokyo Ramen Show coming back this month for its 10th year running – JapanToday
Celebrate the arrival of autumn at this year’s Nagoya Festival – Japan Today


Original Music
Arthur Rei (Original music)
Songs from Japan in English (Music Cover Series)

Song Lyric Translations
Planetes – Meteor

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